The HTC Legend, which appeared as part of a leaked 2010 roadmap for the company, has surfaced again in new renderings that add weight to the handset's actual existence - something which hasn't yet been confirmed or denied by HTC.

Looking a whole lot like the HTC Hero, but upgrading it with an OLED display, LED flash and optical trackpad. The battery is a little smaller - 1300mAh as opposed to the Hero's 1500mAhm, but the OLED screen should still help a little with battery life so there shouldn't be a massive difference there.

It doesn't look like it'll be enough to make Hero owners throw out their handsets, unlike the promised Bravo. However, if you've been thinking about picking up a Hero and you don't mind waiting a little longer - till March, it seems - then it could be worth holding out for a Legend, instead. Bonnie Tyler won't be happy.