So you've got your eyes on the HTC HD2, you've read our review of the flagship Windows Mobile 6.5 device and you just want to know more. Here are some of our favourite funky features for you to explore.

The front page of Sense is more than just a pretty clock and animated weather graphics. Three programmable slots sit waiting to be filled with shortcuts. Swipe these up and you get access to nine shortcut slots. Simply press one and then select the program, bookmark or contact you want to fill it with and hey presto! You are rocking from the first page.

You're sitting at work, chatting to a colleague when your phone rings. After a quick glance at the screen, you decide now isn't the time to talk to your mother, so flip the HD2 face down to reject the call. It has a great sense of finality. We love it. Our mothers don't.

The HD2 comes rocking with a proximity sensor so it knows when it is next to your face. This does a couple of things. Firstly, it shuts off the screen whilst you are talking, saving battery. Secondly, when you pull the phone away from your face you are presented with in-call options – engage speaker phone, popup the keypad for those pesky automated services and so on.

Touch focusing on the camera is all well and good, but usually results in one of two things. Firstly it often means you take a shot of something you didn't mean to through a quick press and secondly, it means you get camera shake because you move that focus to press the shutter button. Not so on the HD2. Touch to select the focal point and keep your finger in place to take the shot. It's a deliberate action, rather than a fleeting press.

Windows Mobile is only really for boring business types right? Well it isn't when you add a dash of HTC Sense sauce. Enter HTC's media player in Sense and you'll find an icon in the top left that will find and fill in your missing album art. iTunes eat your heart out.

The HD2 has a massive screen, so the chances are that you'll never have to use anything other than the full QWERTY keyboard in either landscape or portrait modes. But if you do want something else, a long press next to keyboard icon at the bottom will spring up the options for compact QWERTY or a 12-key keypad.

From Sense you can swipe all the way to the right to access the settings, or simply swipe to the left from the front page. Here in settings under Other, you'll find the Task Manager. Multi-tasking is great, but it's so easy to leave all those applications running that you don't need. Here you can quickly and easily kill them.

With a 5-megapixel camera on the back, the HD2 gives you the option to snap a panoramic picture. It does this in three stages and all you have to do is take your first picture and a neat overlay helps you align the next picture and then the third. Ta da! An ultra-wide photo of your office.