Ever wish your iPhone was more like a classic scientific calculator? Well, boy, do we have the answer for you.

HP has just announced three iPhone applications that are virtual, simulated versions of three of its classic calculators.

The HP 12c, HP 12c Platinum, and HP 15c have all been made over into iPhone apps, promising not only exact visual replications of the original gadgets, but the exact functions too.

The calculator apps can be used horizontally for quick calculations, or, when used in landscape mode on the iPhone will offer all the functions, formulas, scientific algorithms and calculation sequences the originals did.

In addition, the apps are programmable, and, tapping the HP logo on the front of the 12c and 15c calculators flips them over so users can see the useful formulas and references on the back, as the originals offered.

Pricing is from $15 with the 12c and 15c available now, while the 12c Platinum is due in August.