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(Pocket-lint) - German website DrWindows.de has come out and said HP and Microsoft are working on a consumer edition Windows Phone to be released in February 2017. The site says it has received "concrete evidence" that the phone is real, but hasn't been told about specs or features.

However the site predicts the phone would come with Lumia technology such as a ClearBlack screen, Glance Screen to check on notifications, a camera key and a "great camera".

More than one source has told Dr Windows about the HP Windows Phone and another has said that Microsoft has sent an internal memo around referring to plans to hold a Windows Phone event in February next year.

February is Mobile World Congress month and considering the HP Elite X3 was announced there, there's plausible evidence to suggest HP could return to Barcelona in 2017.

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Neither HP or Microsoft have commented on the rumours and Dr Windows does stress that it is all still rumour for now, so should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it may all end up being false information.

Windows Phones have the ability to be used as both a smartphone and to act as a computer when hooked up to a monitor thanks to Windows' Continuum feature. From our brief hands on time with the HP Elite X3, we were impressed with the speed of the device and its ability to easily handle programmes such as Word and PowerPoint.

We've also recently seen images of a possible Microsoft Surface phone which could be made by Dell. With two strong rumours of Windows Phone devices now circling, Microsoft may finally be ready to take on the likes of Apple and Google.

Writing by Max Langridge.