Back at the beginning of June, Pocket-lint reported from Qualcomm's event in San Diego where HP senior vice president Jon Rubinstein hinted that webOS may not be restricted to just HP devices in the future, and that there was a possibility that some "special companies" could indeed offer the platform on their devices.

And now HP CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed that the company is in talks with other manufacturers with a view to licensing the mobile platform - with Samsung being touted as a possible partner.

There was no naming of names from the HP boss though. "We are talking to a number of companies," he said, speaking at an event in Beijing. "I can share with you that a number of companies have expressed interest. We are continuing our conversations."

He stated that there was no rush in pushing though any deals, saying "there is no time pressure to do this".

Samsung declined to comment on the rumours that it is in talks with HP, but did deny that it is looking for a major breakaway from Google amid concerns that Android is closing up shop with regards to modification on handsets.

"Samsung will continue to strengthen its relationship with Google to provide ultimate values to customers," said Samsung’s Jason Kim.

At the Qualcomm event Rubinstein hinted that he'd like to see webOS rival Android by going cross-brand.

"We're not announcing anything today and our model is not to be a licensing business but clearly there is tremendous strength in being able to build entire ecosystems to deliver a unified experience," he said.

"I think that we'd be more than willing to partner with one or two special companies. Somebody who brings value to the ecosystem."

webOS on Samsung and other devices....what do you think? Let us know the usual way.