The HP Pre3 is coming to the UK on 8 July - that's according to who has opened up its pre-order page for the webOS flagship phone.

Priced up at £349.99, it's a far more affordable option than its iOS and Android flagship equivalents - HP will just be hoping that the unique features of webOS still have enough pull after the excitement that they first caused way back in January 2009 when the original Palm Pre was shown off at CES.

The Pre3 packs webOS 2.2, contains a 1.4GHz processor and 512MB RAM. It can come with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage (Play's listed item is the 16GB one) and features a 3.6-inch 800x480 touchscreen display. It comes with a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard and a 5-megapixel camera. has the phone listed as the HP Palm Pre 3, which is a bit odd as HP has all but killed off the Palm name. You can pre-order it now.

HP Pre3 hands-on