An image purporting to be a yet announced Palm come HP smartphone has turned up online suggesting future HP smartphones could ditch the QWERTY keyboard altogether.

Currently Palm, now owned by HP, has yet to release a non QWERTY keyboard smartphone offering with the Pre, Palm Pre 2, Pixi, HP Veer, and HP Pre3 all sporting both touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard entry.

However spy shots have turned up courtesy of suggesting all that is about to change.

The downside to all this is that the site only has the picture, with zero information apart from what they can pick out of the image sent in by an anonymous source.

“Our best guess is that it has a screen resolution of 480x800. There also appears to be a front-facing camera, although it could simply be a proximity sensor,” states the site before adding that they are “quite confident that the image is legit, unfortunately we don't have a lot of confidence in any further information. Is the device coming or is it simply a prototype that has been canned?”

It could be a miniature version of the company’s TouchPad tablet due to launch in the UK and the US in the summer.

What do you think?