One of the most anticipated and talked about aspects about HP acquiring Palm back in April was the prospect of HP branded webOS powered phones.

After all, despite not being the iPhone killer that it was talked up as, the Palm Pre enjoyed some relative success, with much of the praise heaped on the revolutionary OS.

But, 6 months down the line and....nada. Not a HP webOS phone in sight.

But, all that could be set to change with a HP head-honcho stating that phones are definitely on the agenda for next year.

"You will see us coming early next year with new phones", said HP senior vice president Eric Cador.

And whilst it's not the most expressive statement we've ever heard, it does strongly suggest that the company has something special lined up.

And, it backs up what HP executive vice president Todd Bradley said back in July in an interview with CNBC, when he stated HP would opt for webOS rather than Windows Phone 7 or Android in the future.

HP has already confirmed that a webOS-based tablet was on its way for 2011, so could 2011 see webOS rivalling iOS and Android as a serious contender again?

We'll have to wait and see.......

Let us know what you guys think - is webOS coming back via HP? Leave your comments below.