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(Pocket-lint) - The Honor 50 hasn't been with us that long, and already it appears the manufacturer is about to launch its successor, the Honor 60. 

An Honor phone has popped up on the 3C certification website in China, which is usually a very good indication that something is about to be launched. 

The phone - with model number GIA-AN00 - is an Honor phone with up to 66W fast-charging. If we're to believe a Weibo tipster with username 'Whylab', this phone is going to launch in December. 

While we're unsure of validity of the Weibo source's claim, the fact the phone appears to have cropped up on China's certification site is usually a good indication that a phone is about to arrive. 

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The only question is whether or not GIA-AN00 is the Honor 60, or something else. The Honor 50's model number was NTH-AN00, so there's a similarity, just not a clear sequential link between them. 

With the Honor 50 having only made it to western markets relatively recently, it would be surprising if it was launched here. However, the phone actually got its first public outing in China back in June. 

While we're used to seeing updates every 12 months in Europe, UK and the US, it's not too unusual to see some phone ranges updated twice-yearly in Asian markets. 

Look at the Oppo Reno range as an example and you'll see we're already up to the 6th generation of Reno phone, despite the first model having only launched in 2019

Honor could well be following that playbook, or this could be a new range of phones. Time will tell. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.