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(Pocket-lint) - Spec slides have leaked out suggesting the Honor 20 Pro's quad camera system could include a macro lens for the first time. If true, it would make it one of the most versatile camera setups we've ever seen on a smartphone. 

The leak comes via the ever-prolific SlashLeaks, and shows a series of presentation slides detailing what's new in this four camera system, and what to expect when the Honor 20 Pro launches

If the leak is accurate, and it turns out that small camera above the flash is for macro, it will mean being able to get very close up to small objects. 

Nature fans might use it to get detailed shots of small insects, or the pollen inside a flower. Tech fans are more likely to use it to get those close up details of pixels on a screen, or the small ports and buttons on devices. 

SlashLeaksHonor 20 Pro camera system might include a dedicated macro lens image 3

As well as that macro lens, we should expect the now-usual trio of focal lengths, each provided by a bespoke camera. That means a primary camera for day-to-day shots, a super wide angle camera and a telephoto lens for optical zoom effect. 

While exciting, the macro camera suggestion is also highly surprising, if not somewhat unbelievable. After all, until the official announcement, nothing in this leak is confirmed.  

The one thing to note is that Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, and its flagships normally match up pretty closely to the Huawei models. We'd guessed up until now that the Honor 20 and 20 Pro's camera system would be virtually identical to the P30 and P30 Pro system

Specifically, that means the fourth camera on this Pro model is more likely to be the ToF (Time of Flight) camera for accurate real-time depth measuring, and used in AR/MR scenarios. 

SlashLeaksHonor 20 Pro camera system might include a dedicated macro lens image 2

That aside, we expect the cameras to be among the best in the price range, with Honor regularly offering high end performance and cameras at a lower cost than its big-name mothership. 

Other camera details include the fact that this telephoto lens offers 3x optical zoom - not the 5x of the P30 Pro - and four-axis OIS on both the primary and zoom lenses. 

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As seems to be the standard nowadays, that primary camera features a big 48-megapixel sensor, where four pixels bind together to form a 12-megapixel image in auto mode, and with f/1.4 for great low light performance. 

Apart from that, we're expecting to see the Kirin 980 processor, a big notch-less display with built-in fingerprint scanner, and plenty of RAM to keep it running smooth.

We'll find out more when Honor unveils the Honor 20 family of smartphones at an event on 21 May. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 8 May 2019.