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(Pocket-lint) - AI camera is something we’ve seen before from Honor. Having incorporated the machine learning technology into a couple of its most recent smartphones, it essentially lets the phone recognise scenes and objects within frames and then boosts settings to make them look good.

We saw it, and tested it, on the Honor Play back in September, and now it’s been incorporated into the Honor 8x. Here's some of the features on offer. 


The camera

On the back of this new, affordable mid-ranger you’ll find a dual camera system made up of one 20MP sensor with f/1.8 aperture and a secondary 2MP depth sensor.

That secondary one is what enables features like the depth blur in Portrait Mode, or the adjustable aperture in aperture mode, giving an extra feeling of depth of field to your photos.

AI assistance

When you switch the AI option on, it automatically picks out objects and scenes, and then adjusts settings to make the most of them. If there’s lots of blue sky, it’ll highlight the blue, or if there’s a flower or greenery, it boosts those.

Night mode

It uses the aforementioned AI smarts to artificially stabilise long exposure shots, so you can hold the phone in your hands and take a 6 second exposure, and there won’t be any blur. 

Light Trails and more

And of course, being an Honor phone, the camera app has plenty of other shooting modes to choose from. Perhaps our favourite is the Light Trails settings, that allows you to use preset custom settings to shoot traffic trails, or lets you paint with light, or even shoot the stars moving across the sky.

An Honor to get

All these camera features are just some of the reasons why the Honor 8X has one of the best cameras available at its price point.

The Honor 8X is available to buy now in black and blue and comes with 64GB storage for £229.