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(Pocket-lint) - For some time, OnePlus has been known as the maker of "flagship killer" phones. Offering high performance and specifications for a fraction of the cost of big-name manufacturers. But this year, Honor might just have one-upped OnePlus. 

The Honor 10 offers specs, build, features and performance you'd normally find on premium flagships, but at a price that undercuts the OnePlus 6 by £70. Here a six reasons why the Honor 10 is the real flagship killer this year. 

1. Aurora Glass Design

The OnePlus 6 may have seen the company switch from metal to glass for its back panel, but it's still not quite as eye-catching as the Honor 10. Honor's latest flagship uses multiple layers of glass and deep colours to create a back that changes colour depending on which angle you look at it from. It's truly spectacular.

2. AI scene detection

Honor's latest phone comes with AI-powered scene detection. That means when you point its impressive dual camera system at a scene or object, it figures out what you're trying to take a photo of and adjusts the settings to match. 

Whether it be a cityscape, landscape, food, greenery, person or even a panda, the camera will make sure the right elements are given the boost they need, leaving you to just point and shoot. 

What's more, it can detect various objects within a single scene to ensure each is given the best visual treatment. 

3. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Both the Honor 10 and OnePlus 6 have a fast fingerprint sensor, but Honor's is a little bit special. Rather than build it into the back, or have it recessed into the front with a metal ring around it, the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is built right into the glass on the front. It's completely seamless and flush with the glass surface and super-easy to keep clean.

4. One-handed use

OnePlus' latest phone has a big, almost bezel-free display, but despite this, at 6.28-inches, it's still pretty tough to reach some parts of the display with the phone in one hand. Honor's 5.84-inch 19:9 Full View display is far more single-palm friendly, making it much easier to reach across with your thumb. 

5. Perfect AI-powered selfies

Like the dual rear camera system, the front facing camera on the Honor 10 is also AI-powered. This technology partners up with the light sensitive sensor on the front to produce sharp and focused selfies even in low light, so you can show the world your best side.

6. Price

OnePlus often draws praise for its competitive pricing, but this year, Honor's powerful flagship phone is priced even lower. At £399.99, it's comfortably cheaper than the entry-level £469 OnePlus 6 - but Honor's phone is loaded with powerful hardware.