Honor, the affiliate brand of Huawei, has announced an event to be held in London on Tuesday 5 December, inviting Pocket-lint to save the date.

It hasn't revealed what is planned for launch, although we do know that the Honor 7x was unveiled in China last week and is planned for a UK release in the coming months.


Some therefore think that the Honor 7x is likely to make an appearance at the event, in preparation for its European launch. However, we also suspect there will be another handset announced - something with an even bigger, likely bezel-free screen.

We're not entirely sure what that will be yet, but when you look at the image in the save the date invite it doesn't quite match the display of the 7x. The advertising angle is similar to that used in China during that phone's launch, but the bezel shape is different.


It might refer to the Honor 9i, a mid-range Android handset also announced elsewhere and boasting an almost bezel-free screen. But maybe we're about to get something completely different.

Either way, Pocket-lint will be there to let you know and, given the amount of notice we've been afforded, you can bet there will be plenty of rumours along the way too.