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(Pocket-lint) - Harman Kardon has partnered with HTC to launch a new Bluetooth speaker: Harman Kardon One. 

The new portable Bluetooth speaker has been designed with the HTC One in mind, announced following the launch of the HTC One M9 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 


The Harman Kardon One has a premium metal body, exhibiting the same sort of industrial design we expect from HTC. The new speaker has been designed to work with HTC Connect, so a three-finger swipe up your device will initiate a connection.

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In truth, that's a universal sharing gesture on HTC devices, but it's a nice sentiment: this is a speaker that's designed to match your phone a little better.

There's NFC for quick pairing and an internal battery offering 5 hours of playback so you can take your tunes on the move.

We love the cool metal finish and the sound quality from the pair of 40mm drivers was good from the sample we played with at Mobile World Congress.

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"The Harman Kardon One is a celebration of beauty and incredible audio and with HTC Connect allowing you to enjoy your entire music library with a simple swipe of your fingers, we’ve created an unrivalled, all-round audio solution, at home, and on the move," said Drew Bamford, corporate vice president, HTC.

Harman Kardon told us that the One would be sold in bundles with the HTC One M9 in many retail channels and will be a limited release device.

It will cost £129 and will be available from the end of March 2015.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.