Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, declared during the company's earning's conference call that "Android adoption is about to explode". He's referring to his company's open source mobile phone operating system that powers handsets like the Motorola DEXT and HTC Hero, unless we're mistaken and Google's about to launch a range of human-like robots.

There are now 12 Android phones available on the market, six of which are available in the UK. Google's objective in offering its platform for free to phone manufacturers is to increase the amount of people using the mobile web, so that the company then has more advertising inventory to sell across it.

Google says that mobile search is up 30% on Q2 of 2009, so it might be making headway in that area. As the range of handsets increases, so too will the amount of people carrying Android phones. Schmidt reckons that now the range has reached the crucial point where there's something for everyone - the "necessary conditions" are now set for growth.