It's like Jamie Oliver being seen shopping at anywhere else other than Sainsbury's, but Google's CEO Eric Schmidt has been caught doing something just like that by photographers at Allen & Co.'s media summit in Sun Valley.

Turns out the CEO of the most powerful company on the web, doesn't much like using a Google powered Android handset, instead opting for one from competing company RIM to organise his office hours.

What does that say about Android? Perhaps he just doesn't think it's good enough yet to power his business life, or maybe he was trying out a new Google feature, or more far fetched Android on a BlackBerry.

As Silicon Alley, who spotted AP photographer Nati Harnik's photo, pointed out: "How is Android supposed to conquer the world if Google's boss is still a CrackBerry addict?"

We on the other hand, wonder why he isn't using the new iPhone 3GS, as he is still on the board of Apple, well for now anyway.