Google is to announce its second Android phone, the G2 on Vodafone on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Pocket-lint has learnt.

Although both HTC and Vodafone denied the rumours when we asked them at the show, a close source to Pocket-lint told us that the announcement was inbound first thing Tuesday morning.

When questioned HTC refused to neither confirm or deny that they would be launching an Android powered handset at the show, however with two Windows Mobile-powered handsets announced on Monday that could still be a possibility.

Vodafone was so cryptic in its answers to our questions that even we don't understand whether or not we need look out for the a new device.

"We will give you plenty of notice, you'll have to look out at the press office for a call to a press conference if there is one", a spokesperson told us before neither confirming or denying that there would be a "call" to a press conference to look out for.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: BGR has leaked images of the G2 apparently to launch ad the HTC "Magic".