The Google Android is going to outsell the iPhone according to (shock!) a Google exec. Rich Miner, Google's group manager for mobile platforms, didn't hold back at the eComm conference in California about Apple's iPhone.

"There are just certain apps you can't build on an iPhone", he said, claiming also that applications can't run in the background when switching to a new application.

"There's a lot of restrictions", he stated. "There are things I saw people doing with the first version of the Android SDK that it seems like you can't do with the iPhone at least at the moment", Miner continued.

But he did give Apple a little praise recognising that it had got a lot of things "right first time" with the iPhone - but then immediately added that Android-based devices will outsell Apple's handset anyway.

"Once you have devices out there from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and so on, there's a much larger potential market on Android than for the iPhone", Miner said. "There's a single [iPhone] manufacturer, it's targeted at a particular demographic, and it falls far short of the one billion mobile phones sold every year worldwide", he said.

After his Apple attack, Miner added there would be several Android-based devices on the market in 2009.