Although at the moment it's still a limited service, rather than full blown Google Docs on your iPhone, we do feel that for anyone who enjoys the any location freedom that "cloud computing" offers, then they will especially enjoy the extra freedom of access on your mobile.

The Google Doc application for iPhone lets users navigate through folders they have set up, search via a Google search box, and see a list of recent documents, which can be viewed directly on the screen.

Word processing documents can be opened and read, spreadsheets can be viewed (as HTML) or downloaded and presentations can be viewed on the iPhone, all of which are sized automatically for best viewing - but there are no editing options at all.

Not so for Google Calendar - you can add events "on the fly" quickly and easily by typing the event details and pressing "Add now". Google Calendar will add the event to your schedule and your calendar stays synchronised whether you access it from your PC or your phone.