Rizzn's Mark Hopkins claims to have the scoop regarding more details of Google's gPhone.

The information apparently comes from a number of sources: "Deep Throat, NDA'ed entrepreneurs, NDA'ed employees of various related vendors and trusted internet sources", but take 'em with a pinch of salt.

The news is that T-Mobile is going to be the network operator for the gPhone worldwide, it is going to be a Linux-based open source operating system, although the user interface is still being finalised now.

Other details revealed suggest HTC is making the hardware (which had been previously stated) which will be GSM, not 3G, except for in the far east, but the shock news, if true, is that the phone will cost $400.

It was always thought that the gPhone, if not ad-supported and free, would be low cost, with the most recent price estimate putting the phone at around $100.

Rizzn sees an announcement this year, with a simultaneous global roll-out to follow. We will keep you informed.