We're all looking forward to seeing just what Google is planning to offer with their gPhone, but "looking forward" is the key phrase here, with nothing expected until early-2008.

Reports from India then suggesting that an exclusive launch is imminent are somewhat surprising - and also - somewhat questionable.

They reports state that Google is currently in talks with India's first and third largest telecommunications companies, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar about the Google phone.

The information suggests a launch in just 2 week's time to see a simultaneous debut of the gPhone in both the US and Europe, with other announcements in India and other parts of the world.

The only "hurdle" for this imminent product announcement is apparently approval from regulatory agencies but with Google's rumoured plans to invest $7 to 8 billion into the project these "hurdles" will be overcome.

Recent reports from the US were more believable - that Google had been taking a prototype round to mobile phone operators and were in talks with handset manufacturers too.

The Google phone rumour has been rumbling on for nearly a year now since the company first mentioned a possible, ad-supported, free phone but they have never confirmed the existence of hardware.

We will certainly keep you informed on these exiting developments...