Lexar has announced it is to bundle Google applications like Picasa, Google Toolbar and Google Desktop Search applications on its line of USB flash drives.

The offering is the first time consumers will be able to install Google applications from a USB flash drive directly to their desktop to edit photos, find files and search the web using the Google applications without the need for an internet connection.

Customers who purchase a Lexar JumpDrive simply have to plug the device into the USB port, on their computer, where the user will be prompted with instructions to easily install the free applications.

If the user accepts installation, Google products automatically install to their computer and are then removed from the USB flash drive leaving it free for storage.

Lexar JumpDrive products with Google applications will be available worldwide beginning in January 2006.

The company has yet to confirm whether there will be a premium to pay for the additional programs, however considering you can download all three applications from Google for free we expect it will be free as a bundled extra.

We will keep you posted.