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(Pocket-lint) - The rumour mill is operating at full speed for Google's expected foldable device. Most recently, we learned that the new phone is likely to take after the Oppo Find N in form factor.

Until now, most people have been calling it the Pixel Fold but the latest leak suggests that it may be known as the Pixel Notepad instead.

A source told 9to5Google that 'Notepad' is the working brand name internally at Google and that the name 'Logbook' was also being considered.

Of course, this could all change before the official announcement, but it's interesting to hear that Google isn't looking to lean into the Fold branding that so many of us expected.

The source also said that the Pixel Notebook will cost less than Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3 which launched at $1,799.

This is reassuring as first-generation devices can often be extremely pricey, Samsung's first-gen Foldable was much closer to $2000. We don't expect this to come cheap, though.

The Pixel Notepad is likely to launch in a similar fashion to the Pixel 4a in 2020, landing with the US first before expanding to other countries. The source suggests that the rollout may take longer in the case of the Notepad, while the Pixel 4a had about a one month gap in international availability.

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Rumours surrounding the Pixel Notepad have been all over the place, for a long time it looked like the device might have been cancelled outright. Lately, it seems more likely that we'll be seeing Google's foldable in the near future, and we're looking forward to it.

Writing by Luke Baker.
  • Via: Rumor: Google’s foldable might be called ‘Pixel Notepad’ and may cost less than the Galaxy Fold - 9to5google.com
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