Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro colours

Stormy Black isn't completely black. We'd argue that it's grey. The lower section of the phone is dark grey, with a lighter grey across the top. (image credit: Google)
Sorta Seafoam looks like someone took the Sorta Sage Pixel 5 and went a bit lighter. The top section is a pastel yellow. It's certainly refreshing. (image credit: Google)
Here the top section is what you might immediately associate with coral, the bottom section a lighter hue. (image credit: Google)
Again, Stormy Black isn't black, it's a fusion of grey tones. We can't help thinking this will be the most popular colour. The frame is black. (image credit: Google)
Cloudy White brings in some warmth to white, with the top section slightly darker, like a cloud grey. The frame here is silver, so it looks great. (image credit: Google)
Sorta Sunny see a pairing of warm tones and does give a sunny feel to things. The matching with a gold frame also make this phone stand out. (image credit: Google)
The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are available to pre-order and will be on shelves from 28 October. (image credit: Google)