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(Pocket-lint) - Google is reportedly set to make life easier for Android users who want to answer calls and interact with their devices by voice.

Instead of barking "Hey Google" and then a command, users could soon be able to just say "stop" to halt an alarm, or use simple one-word commands to answer calls.

Codenamed Guacamole, the feature has been spotted in versions of the Google app for a while - since version 12.8. Code found in the APK has been tracked in order to discover what it does. Now, 9to5Google and others think its designed to simplify some voice interations.

The latest mention of Guacamole was found in the Google app's settings, with a listing under the codename stating it is there to "quickly get things done". Android Police found that it relates to voice shortcuts: "Skip saying 'Hey Google' for help with quick tasks," it says on the settings page.

There is also a current inactive slider next to the voice shortcuts header, which also states "you must read go/assistant-guacamole before opting in". The weblink is also dead - it visits a current non-exsistant webpage.

It is thought that the feature could be unveiled in test form at Google I/O 2021. The virtual-only developers conference will start on 18 May.

Writing by Rik Henderson.