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(Pocket-lint) - It has felt like an age, but the Google Pixel 4a is now available to pre-order for those in the UK. The phone was announced on 3 August and went on sale in the US, but because of supply problems, wider release hasn't been so speedy.

While pre-orders are opening up today, the phone won't be delivered until 1 October, so there's still a slight wait if you've decided that this is your next phone.


And what a phone it is. The Google Pixel 4a is one of the best phones in its class. You might not think that from its single camera and its specs, but the experience it delivers is excellent.

The camera is a strong performer and even though it doesn’t have loads of lenses on the pack, it holds its own in the camera department against lots of phones with three or four lenses, thanks to Google's smart computational photography.

The Pixel 4a is compact, but the display is great quality and there's plenty of power. It's a step down from flagship devices in terms of the hardware, but it's not far off those flagship devices in terms of the experience and speed it offers when using it.

There's no 5G on this model - that's coming later in the year along with a dab more power - but that's also going to make the phone more expensive.

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Writing by Chris Hall.