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(Pocket-lint) - The price the for the forthcoming Pixel 5 has leaked online, suggesting that Google is making a departure from expensive flagship pricing.

The leak suggests that Google will be asking €629 for the phone. That could be about £560 or $700, far less than the top prices that are being asked for the leading Samsung or Apple phones.

There's a reason for that, however. It comes down to the fact that Google isn't going to be competing in the hardware stakes, instead rumoured to be using Snapdragon 765G for this phone instead. Considering some 765 phones cost £300, you might argue that actually this is an expensive mid-ranger.

The information comes from Technik News which doesn't have a huge history, but has had some accurate pricing leaks in the past according the Android Central. The pricing conversions to £ and $ need to be taken with caution, as prices are set per market and local taxes often mean they're not directly comparable.

Google is going to be selling the Pixel 5 on experience and having reviewed the Pixel 4a, we've got high hopes for this phone. There's going to be particular interest in the camera, because if it doesn't offer more than the Pixel 4a then it's a harder sell, even if it will offer 5G.

Currently we don't know exactly when to expect the launch of Google's new phones, the best guess we have at the moment is an announcement on 30 September, which would sit well enough with previous Google launch timeframes.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 4 September 2020.
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