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(Pocket-lint) - For a phone that was (we believe) originally supposed to be announced on 12 May, there's been a significant delay in the arrival of the Pixel 4a.

Why do we think it was originally slated for 12 May? Because that's when the Google I/O 2020 keynote was supposed to take place and when the Pixel 3a was announced in 2019, so it makes sense from a historical point of view. 

The biggest giveaway, however, is that the official press images for the phone have the 12 May date shown on the screen. Usually when a device is shown during a launch event, it has the correct date on it. 

"Like many companies our supply chain was impacted by COVID-19 and we had to adjust our launch plans accordingly to ensure the safety of our employees, partners and customers," Google told us in a statement. 

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"That all being said, we're very excited to be releasing the next version of our 'a-line' of Pixel products, with Pixel 4a."

So there we have it: the Pixel 4a is another victim of the global pandemic - but at least now the speculation on the 4a can end and we can turn our attention to the Pixel 5.


Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 29 July 2020.