(Pocket-lint) - For a phone that was (we believe) originally supposed to be announced on 12 May, there's been a significant delay in the arrival of the Pixel 4a.

Why do we think it was originally slated for 12 May? Because that's when the Google I/O 2020 keynote was supposed to take place and when the Pixel 3a was announced in 2019, so it makes sense from a historical point of view. 

The biggest giveaway, however, is that the official press images for the phone have the 12 May date shown on the screen. Usually when a device is shown during a launch event, it has the correct date on it. 

"Like many companies our supply chain was impacted by COVID-19 and we had to adjust our launch plans accordingly to ensure the safety of our employees, partners and customers," Google told us in a statement. 

"That all being said, we're very excited to be releasing the next version of our 'a-line' of Pixel products, with Pixel 4a."

So there we have it: the Pixel 4a is another victim of the global pandemic - but at least now the speculation on the 4a can end and we can turn our attention to the Pixel 5.


Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Dan Grabham.