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(Pocket-lint) - Google is working on a Verified Call feature which will make sure you can easily tell the difference between an important call and something that's spam, allowing the calling company to pass on details of what the call is about.

The system relies on companies providing information when a call is placed that, via a Google server, is then pushed to your Google phone app on your Android device. This will let you know who is calling and more importantly why they are calling you.

The company will have to be verified with Google and it could be a way of filtering out spammy callers or fraudulent calls, while also ensuring that you pick up those calls from your bank or other business that you actually need to take.

Google is keen to point out that not all "unverified" calls will be spam - and there will be some companies that choose not to use the system.

The details for the new system, spotted by Android Police, are on Google's support pages, detailing that Verified Calls will be turned on by default, but there will be some steps you might have to take - like adding your phone number to your Google account.

Google has offered various services for call screening and caller identification for a number of years. At a basic level, Google will identify the company so you can see what business is calling you. At a more advanced level it offers call screening, which will answer the phone for you and see who is calling, before you start a voice conversation.

The latter Call Screen feature isn't globally available and we currently don't know if the new Verified Calls feature will be global either.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 29 June 2020.