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(Pocket-lint) - We still don't know when Google will unveil its Pixel 4a smartphone, but thanks to a French retailer we do have an idea of how much it'll cost in Europe, plus a couple of the colour options that will be available.

Ordimedia has the handset listed in "Just Black" and "Blue" - although the latter will likely have a "wacky" name by launch, as is Google's way. It's used "Really Blue" in the past.

The retail site also lists the price both colour variations as €509.56 including VAT. That initially seems steep considering the previous price leak (in March 2020) claimed that it will be $399 in the US.

OrdimediaGoogle Pixel 4a Colour Options And European Pricing Leaked image 2

However, the US price will be without state tax and, if you consider that the VAT rate in France is 20 per cent, that puts it closer to €400. That's much more convincing.

The way these things turn out, that could also mean it will be between £350 to £400 in the UK.

Now, considering we pretty much know all the specs too, all we need is the launch date. With no Google I/O this year - for obvious reasons - the company is being more tight-lipped about its plans.

The French retailer suggests a 7 July "delivery", but we've heard a 13 July launch from other sources.

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We'll no doubt find out soon enough, as both are pretty close now.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 22 June 2020.