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(Pocket-lint) - Google has made the surprising move of postponing the Beta Launch Show, where the company was expected to show off Android 11 and make the beta widely available to Android users.

The company took to Twitter through the @AndroidDev account to express that now wasn't the time to celebrate the launch of the new version of the Android operating system, likely in response to the civil unrest sweeping the US.

The postponement follows soon after the reported launch of the Google Pixel 4a was also pushed back based on "market analysis" according the leaker who broke the news. 

Google normally hosts an event in May - Google I/O - which was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was were we originally expected to see a lot of this information being officially released to the public.

The net result is that we've not heard a huge amount from Google about forthcoming products, while the company focuses on services like Google Meet which have served isolated communities well in staying touch whether for business or pleasure.

There's currently no word on when we'll see the beta launch for Android 11, but the dev preview has been available for some time. The advantage that the beta offers is that it's normally stable enough for everyday users to try if they want to - and giving Pixel owners a head start on getting to grips with new features. 

For now we just have to watch and wait - Google has said that it'll be sharing more on Android 11 soon.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 1 June 2020.