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(Pocket-lint) - Google's next wave of mid-range phones have popped up in codename form before, with the names Sunfish, Redfin and Bramble being found in code from a new Google Camera app.

However, we haven't heard which device relates to which codename until now.

XDA Developers has found a new piece of code that links the Google Pixel 4a directly to "Sunfish" - which also then gleans a new piece of information relating to its specifications.

As Sunfish was previously linked to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 system-on-chip, you can be nigh-on certain that's what will drive the Pixel 4a.

That also means that it won't be a 5G handset.

As yet, there are no indications on what Redfin or Bramble will end up being called. It is likely there will be at least a Pixel 4a XL somewhere in there, simply because there is a 3a XL on the market already. However, there is no actual evidence of that.

Nor do we know if either of the other two devices will be 5G-enabled, although it is possible considering there were only two mid-rangers released in 2019 and we understand three to be coming this year.

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Either way, we doubt this is the last nugget of leaked information to come our way before Google officially announces them (sometime in May would be our guess, based on last year's release schedule).

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 7 February 2020.