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(Pocket-lint) - A new report claims it has found evidence that Google is working on a mid-range 5G device, and that this could well be one of the phones to launch in the Pixel 4a family a little later this year. 

The evidence points to at least one (possibly two) models of Google-made smartphones being powered by the Snapdragon 765 processor

With the Pixel 4a launch expected fairly soon, it's possible that these Snapdragon 700-series devices could well be variants of this series. 

We don't know if it is definitely the Pixel 4a, because all that we have so far is code-names. 

Google often uses code-names in relation to upcoming devices, as well as testing devices which don't always see the light of day. The fact that there's three of them suggests that there's a real product here somewhere. 

The three new code-names uncovered by XDA Developers are Sunfish, Redfin and Bramble. 

Redfin being the device - made by a Foxconn subsidiary - which features the Snapdragon 765 processor. Sunfish is a 4G phone powered by a Snapdragon 730 chipset.

As for the Snapdragon 765, that's one initially unveiled by Qualcomm at the end of 2019, and one of the first processors to feature built-in 5G. 

While 5G is certainly the new bandwagon to jump on, it would seem unusual for a smartphone manufacturer to launch a 5G mid-range phone before it has a flagship 5G device. 

With that said, prior to the end of 2019, Snapdragon processors with incorporated 5G modems didn't exist. Qualcomm powered phones with 5G launched last year featured a separate dedicated separate 5G modem. 

The speculation for now is that the Snapdragon 765 model is the 4a XL with 5G, while Sunfish - the one powered by a 4G chip - is the smaller 4a. 

Until Google officially announces anything, this is just rumour, but if would be interesting for Google to launch a more affordable version of its Pixel lineup with built-in 5G.

It could end up being one of the first 5G devices that doesn't cost an eye-watering amount of money and that makes it quite enticing. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 17 January 2020.