(Pocket-lint) - Google's upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone family will have two new smart capabilities: a voice recording app which can automatically transcribe the recording for you, and car crash detection which automatically calls 911. 

The latter of those, it seems, is going to be a US-only service at launch, but the former could be more widely available although it only works with US English for now. 

XDA Developers discovered the recorder app and revealed that having - somehow - received the update, the new features were highlighted on the apps new splash page on first launch. 

Not only will the app automatically transcribe the recordings, you'll also be able to search for key words and phrases using audio search. For those privacy minded: the app's splash page also indicates that all of this - including the audio search - is handled offline. 

What's really cool about this audio search is that when you do search for a specific word or phrase using your voice, the app will take you to a specific portion of that audio recording. You can see the demo mode of the key features in the tweet below:

What's more, it seems the app can recognise various sounds and events like cats miaowing, dog barking, applause, laughing, music and a lot more. 

You'll also be able to upload the audio file and transcription in widely compatible formats to Google Drive once you're done, so you can copy and paste the transcription, for instance, or format it for an article. 

As well as this new recorder app, the Pixel 4 family is getting an upgraded emergency contact feature. It's coming in form of a new app called Personal Safety, again discovered by XDA Developers

In essence, this is an updated version of the Emergency Information app that's preinstalled on Pixel phones. In the rebooted app, Pixel phones in the US will be able to automatically detect when you've been in a car crash. 

It does this by using location and accelerometer data in conjunction with noise detected from the microphone. 

Before automatically contacting the emergency services, it'll first play a loud noise and vibrate, asking if you're in need of help. At this point, if you're fine and it's made a mistake, you'll be able to disregard it. If not, and you do need help (or if you don't respond) it'll automatically dial 911 and provide the emergency services with your location. 

As well as contact the emergency services, it seems you'll also be able to share your status with chosen close friends/family using the emergency sharing feature, just to make sure someone you know is aware of what's happening. 

It's not long now until Google unveils its next series of smartphones. The launch event takes place on 15 October, and you can watch it right here

Writing by Cam Bunton.