(Pocket-lint) - The Google Pixel 4 has been the subject of numerous rumours over the last couple of months, but the latest leak might be our best look yet at what is expected to come from the new smartphone.

Spanish site ProAndroid has got its hands on a promotional video of the Google Pixel 4, which confirms several of the speculated features including gestures, night time camera enhancements and an astrophotography mode - the ability to capture stars.

The one-minute promo video puts particular emphasis on night time camera capabilities and it also highlights some of the extra things you will be able to do with Google Assistant, such as search Google Photos for particular shots - like food photos from Tokyo - and share them quickly with contacts, all using just your voice.

Another rumour has also said Google Assistant will be able to take over a call for you when you're on hold with a company, letting you know when a human is back on the other end of the line so you can return to the call.

The promotional video also shows off the design of the Pixel 4 - with the square camera housing on the rear that has been confirmed by Google present. What's interesting is that the frame appears to be coloured too - or black in the case of the device in the video - with a white rear. The video also shows several coloured power buttons in a shot, suggesting there may be more than three colour options for the Pixel 4.

Previous rumours that appeared only a couple of days ago indicated the Google Pixel 4 would come with 8x zoom, as well as a 'Motion Mode' for capturing action scenes, among other things. We've also seen an image leak of an orange Pixel 4 - supporting the idea of multiple colour options - and there's been further speculation to suggest a 90Hz refresh rate display.

We expect to find out more about the Pixel 4 in early October but at the moment, Google hasn't officially announced a date for its 'Made by Google' event. You can read all the rumours surrounding the Pixel 4 in our separate feature in the meantime though.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.