(Pocket-lint) - Google's upcoming Pixel 4 has been the subject of many leaks over the last couple of months and we've even had some confirmations of what's coming to the smartphone from Google itself. The latest images offer some more information on what we can expect from the design however. 

The images - which appear to show the Google Pixel 4 running on the Sprint network in the US - were shared on Telegram and picked up by XDA Developers.

It's not clear where they originated from, though with the Sprint logo seen in the top left corner, we're assuming the device is being tested by the network and the images are therefore likely to have come from a Sprint employee. 

We can't determine if any of the leaked specifications are accurate from the images, such as the rumoured 90Hz refresh rate display, but we can see the square rear camera housing in the images - a feature that has been confirmed by Google. We can also see the bezel at the top of the display housing the sensors like the Google Soli chip for Face Unlock and Motion Gestures.

Other design features shown in the leaked images include a different coloured power button to the rest of the body - a signature feature of Pixel devices - and a rear that appears to ditch the two-tone effect we've seen on previous Pixel devices. 

Based on the leaked images, the Pixel 4 will have a metal frame with an all glass glossy rear. In the past, the rear of the Pixel devices has been split with the top third offering a different texture to the bottom two thirds. There is also no fingerprint sensor on the back, suggesting Google will opt for an under-display fingerprint scanner, or simply Face Unlock.

Finally, the images show the device running on the latest version of Android - Android 10 - with the gesture bar present at the bottom and the Google Assistant handle in the bottom right. 

The Google Pixel 4 is expected to be revealed at the beginning of October but for now, you can read our Pixel 4 rumour round up feature for all the latest.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.