(Pocket-lint) - Your next Google phone or smart speaker could be partially made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

Google has published a blog post promising to include recycled materials in all its "Made By Google" hardware products by 2022. That includes devices like the Pixel phones, Pixelbook laptops, Google Home speakers, Nest accessories, and even phone cases. On top of all that, by 2020, Google said 100 per cent of all shipments "going to or from customers will be carbon neutral".

As part of this pledge, the company shared a new set of sustainability commitments. Google’s head of sustainability for hardware, Anna Meegan, also told Fast Company that Google has already begun using recycled plastic in Chromecast devices and in the fabric on Google Home speakers. It also claimed to reduced emissions by 40 per cent after switching from air shipments to cargo.


"These commitments will build on the foundation and progress we’ve already made," Google explained. "From 2017 to 2018, our carbon emissions for product shipments decreased by 40 per cent. We’ve also launched our Power Project, which will bring one million energy- and money-saving Nest thermostats to families in need by 2023, and built much of our Nest product portfolio with post-consumer recycled plastic."

Keep in mind Google's rivals have similar sustainability goals. Apple even made a robot that disassembles old devices for recyclable parts.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.