After a cascade of leaked renders of the Pixel 4, mainly based on case designs, Google posted its own, official tease of the phone. It showed the camera unit and shape of the forthcoming Pixel 3 replacement, a long time before the device is expected.

Heaven knows what it will tease next, however, as it seems an actual Google Pixel 4 has been spotted in the wild. An anonymous user was seen going hands-on with an unidentified phone that looks suspiciously like the Pixel 4 renders posted by Google earlier this week.

Two photos were sent to 9to5Google by a similarly anonymous tipster, who claimed that the phone was spotted in London. Nobody really knows why or exactly where the alleged Pixel 4 was being used in the open air. But, the Google-centric site is convinced it's the real deal.

It's the camera unit on the rear that is apparently the big giveaway. It's a square unit with rounded corners, similar to that on the rear of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but ranged top-left instead (it's in the centre on the Huawei phone).

9to5GoogleActual Google Pixel 4 spotted being used outdoors image 2

The only other handset rumoured to have a square unit in the top-left is the iPhone 11, but the flash system is in the wrong place in comparison with CAD renders of Apple's next handset.

The camera is the only distinguishing feature shown in the pics, so not much more can be gleaned. 9to5Google does add that it seems to be an XL version based on the size of the users' hands, but they might just be small hands, of course.

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