(Pocket-lint) - With most of the year's smartphones launched, there are only a couple of major launches still to come. There's the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, new iPhone of course, and Google's latest device, the Pixel 4.

There have been plenty of leaks about all these devices, but the latest addition to the rumours comes from @onleaks. Steve Hemmerstoffer has a good track record with leaks which might cause some concern with the details that he has passed over to Pricebaba.

And it all comes down to the camera.

The rear of the Pixel 4 design appears to show a raised square housing all the cameras and - probably - other sensors too. It's not clear whether this is a double or triple camera system, but previous leaks/fan speculation has suggested a dual camera from Google. 

The thing that's going to get fans in a fluster is that the design looks a lot like the leaks about the 2019 Apple iPhone. The universal reaction to those leaks was that it was an eyesore and we almost can't believe that Google and Apple will put out the same ugly design.


The square camera layout isn't new. It was pulled off by Huawei on the Mate 20 Pro, but in that instance it sat in the middle of the rear of the phone, rather than over to one edge. Knocking it to the side makes the phone look unbalanced. It just looks odd.

We'd say that this was an unlikely design except for the track record of some of @onleak's work in the past. Sure, textures and materials do get confused in these sorts of renders, so it might look slightly different to how it is presented - or, perhaps, it's one of many designs. 

There are some other minor details pulled out - the location of the ear speaker suggests that this phone will keep the notch that caused some mocking on the Pixel 3 XL, while the lack of a speaker bar at the bottom of the screen suggests they will move to the end of the phone instead. 

There's little to go on in terms of specs at the moment. Pricebaba happily suggests Snapdragon 855 and 6GB of RAM, which we'd say is a pretty easy guess.

We're not expecting to see the Google Pixel 4 until October 2019; with the launch of the Pixel 3a with that great camera and a much cheaper price, we can't see how Google could launch a flagship phone without adding to the camera's offering significantly. 

Writing by Chris Hall.