(Pocket-lint) - If there was any doubt about a new Pixel handset, then we can put that to rest thanks to an advert that Google has placed on Flipkart, giving a countdown to the availability of its new handset.

The image shows the outline of a phone, along with the wording "something big is coming to the Pixel universe".

There has been a fairly constant stream of leaks around the Pixel 3a - a 'lite' version of the Google flagship phone - which will come in two sizes, reportedly, with a regular and XL version. 

It's expected that Google will announce the new handset at Google I/O on 7 May and it seems that it might be immediately available for customers.


The news comes on the tail of reports that Google hasn't managed to sell many of the Pixel 3 - and that sales are down compared to those of the Pixel 2. There could be lots of reasons for this - competitors are advertising more, offering better value for money or offering other features like more cameras that Google doesn't. 

But Google isn't alone here - the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL look to follow a trend that's already been realised by Apple and Samsung; Apple announced the iPhone XR in 2018 which is reportedly the best-selling of the recent batch of iPhones, while Samsung also announced a cut-down flagship in the Galaxy S10e.

The new Google phones could bring one of the Pixel's greatest features - the camera - to smartphone users at a cheaper price. That's likely to be the big sell that we see at Google I/O as Google looks to bolster its hardware business.

Writing by Chris Hall.