(Pocket-lint) - The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL aren't expected to launch until later on in the year - around October - but that doesn't mean we can't all fantasise about what they might look like.

Some of us might have an image in our head of our hopes and dreams for Google's next devices, while others like Ben Geskin and Phone Designer, offer up visualisations of their thoughts in the form of concept renders.

Both @PhoneDesigner and @VenyaGeskin1 have released images of what the Google Pixel 4 XL could look like and both show a similar idea.

Ben Geskin

The two concepts show a full-screen design for the Google Pixel 4 XL with a dual punch hole front camera, like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and a dual rear camera.

The current Pixel 3 XL has a dual front camera with a great wide angle lens so that's not as surprising to see on the concepts as the dual rear, which would be an interesting move given Google's single rear camera offering on the current Pixel devices is excellent.

The concepts show the "G" at the bottom of the rear, along with a mixed finish rear, as the Pixel devices are known for. Geskin also offers up a spec wish list with his concept, which includes a 6.5-inch display, Qualcomm SD855, 6GB of RAM and a 4030mAh battery. 

He also mentions Android 10 Q, which is pretty much guaranteed to run the next Pixel devices.

For now, the concepts are exactly that, concepts. We expect the rumours surrounding the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL to increase over the coming months though so if the design shown in the two concepts doesn't float your boat, don't worry as things will no doubt change.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.