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(Pocket-lint) - Sprint has its own 5G-related news to announce during this year's 5G-heavy MWC: It will launch its next-generation network starting this May.

Sprint's 5G network will light up in the following US cities first: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Kansas City. I'll then come to more cities, including Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Washington, DC, in the first half of the year. In New York, Sprint said we can expect coverage in Midtown and lower Manhattan. In total, Sprint said it’ll cover more than 1,000 square miles in all nine cities.

Sprint provided few other details about its 5G rollout, including what kinds of speeds will be available. But it said Google Fi customers will get access to the increased speeds. Its 5G network will be part of Google Fi. When it's rolled out, Google Fi users can use the 5G network, so long as they have a "Designed for Fi" phone that is compatible with Sprint and live in one of the new 5G areas.

Of course, those of you who are just on Sprint, not Fi, and live in a 5G area will be able to access the network if you have a compatible 5G phone, as well. The new LG V50 ThinQ supports 5G, and Samsung is launching two 5G devices this year. So, your options are rapidly growing. 

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 25 February 2019.