Google's Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices have only been around since October 2018 but we've already seen rumours about their successors - dubbed the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Here is everything we have heard so far regarding the Pixel 4, as well as what we want and expect to see.

Pixel 4 release date and price

  • October 2019
  • £750+

Google's Pixel devices haven't been around for as long as the Samsung Galaxy S range or Apple's iPhone, so while there is less of a pattern when it comes to release dates, there is still a pattern.

For the last couple of years, the Google Pixel devices have been unveiled in October during the company's Made by Google event. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL were announced on 19 October 2017, while the Pixel 3 and 3 XL were a little earlier on 4 October 2018.

It is therefore likely Google will stick to sometime in October 2019 to reveal the Pixel 4. Prices for the current Pixel devices start at £739 so expect the Pixel 4 to dance around the same figure, if not higher.

Pixel 4 specs: What we want and expect

  • Two-tone rear
  • Dual front camera
  • Punch-hole camera
  • Single rear camera with software enhancements
  • Two screen sizes
  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • Larger displays
  • Reduced bezels
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Increased RAM
  • Increased storage
  • No microSD support
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Android Q
  • No physical buttons?

Pixel 4 rumours: What's happened?

17 May 2019: Google Pixel 4 leak suggests no physical buttons

A leak from Jon Prosser on YouTube channel Front Page Tech has claimed a credible source has said the Pixel 4 would have a punch hole front camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor and no physical buttons, with capacitive controls instead.

Front Page Tech also revealed some Pixel 4 renders in the video discussing the leak, that it had published previously.

@PhoneDesigner / Front Page TechGoogle Pixel 4 What We Want To See image 2

12 April 2019: Google's Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are codenamed Coral and Flame

9to5Google reported that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL codenames are Coral and Flame, respectively. 

2 April 2019: Pixel 4 name name-dropped by Google employee

Several mentions of the Google Pixel 4 have been made by a Google employee who posted to an Android Open Source Project code change.

The post offered little information but the Pixel 4 was mentioned three times, and it's suggested that Google Pixel 4 pre-production units could be in testing.

12 February 2019: Pixel 4 could have improved Dual-SIM support

Some comments from a Google engineer suggest the Pixel 4 will offer better dual-SIM capabilities. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL offer the ability to have two SIMs, one physical and one eSIM but you can only use one account for calls and texts.

It's claimed the Pixel 4 will change this, offering simultaneous use of two accounts.

17 January 2019: Patent appears showing all glass, notchless Pixel 4

Google filed a patent which appeared on the World Intellectual Property Organisation's website, showing an all-screen design and a two-tone rear, similar to previous Pixel devices.

91mobilesGoogle image 2

It is not clear if the sketch refers to the Pixel 4 but if it does, it suggests a single rear camera, fingerprint sensor on the rear and a notchless display. - PAY MONTHLY PHONES The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is now available on EE who have been awarded the UK’s best network for the fifth year running. RootMetrics tested the four UK networks and EE was faster and more reliable than all of them, with better data performance. Their network has come a long way since they launched in 2012. Back then they had 11 UK cities covered by 4G. Today they cover most of the UK’s land mass, thanks to 19,000 state-of-the-art 4G sites. They’ve got faster, too – from 50Mbps to a maximum speed of 400Mbps. And they’re soon to experience even greater possibilities with the launch of 5G.

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