(Pocket-lint) - While many manufacturers have been embracing wireless charging recently, Google hasn't been one of them. That could all change with the reveal that code for a wireless charging dock called Pixel Stand has been uncovered.

There are a number of pieces that make up this puzzle. Firstly, we've just seen a leak of a white Pixel 3 XL prototype where it's claimed the rear is completely glass - rather than glass and metal of the previous two handsets. 

Glass is often used when wireless charging is in a phone - like the recent iPhones or Samsung devices, for example. Here, it appears that Google is dropping the top glass section of the previous two Pixels in favour of a completely glass panel. 

The source of this leak on XDA Developers said that it's "totally glass", but there is still a change in texture, with the top glossy and the bottom matte, to keep that visual design from the previous devices.

Moving on, 9to5Google points to evidence in the Google App that reveals a new device called the Pixel Stand, an accessory which works with Google Assistant too. According to 9to5Google, it's something it has been tracking for a while through the Android P preview. 

Now it has unearthed reference text to Pixel Stand in the Google App, saying "Your Assistant can use your personal info to make suggestions, answer questions, and take actions for you when your phone is locked and on your Pixel Stand".

Pixel Stand, then, appears to be a phone dock that's Assistant enabled, meaning that your charging phone isn't inert, it's part of your Google Assistant setup. It makes sense to dock your phone on your desk and still be able to speak to it, as you would Google Home. 

While we don't yet have a direct confirmation of wireless charging, it would make no sense to introduce a dock with a physical connection. Presumably, there's nothing to stop the Pixel Stand working with any number of wireless charging Android phones - but we suspect it will have the "Pixel exclusive" label attached at launch.

Writing by Chris Hall.