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(Pocket-lint) - Google may have just leaked the design of the upcoming Pixel 3 smartphone within its latest Android P beta, and boy does it look gorgeous, not to mention ambitious.

First spotted by Slashleaks, the image of the unidentified smartphone can be found within Settings > Sounds > Shortcut to prevent ringing, where it gives some visual cues to show you how to use various functions.

The phone in question has no notch and virtually no bezels the entire way around it. It's a design that other phone manufacturers have attempted or have wanted to achieve, but the closest they have got is to implement the notch design we can see on the majority of flagships today. The reason many are expecting this to be the Google Pixel 3, is because images of an unidentified phone appeared in the Android O beta and they turned out to be the Pixel 2. 

What isn't clear from the image is where Google plans to put the front-facing camera: it may be embedded under the display, or it could be a pop-up one. The Vivo Apex has already been produced as a concept phone, with incredibly slim bezels all the way round, and it features a pop-up camera. 

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It's also not clear where the stereo speakers are fitted, or even the earpiece for taking calls. They too could be embedded, or integrated into the sides. In the case of the Vivo Apex, the entire front of the phone can vibrate to output sound. 

It's obviously not guaranteed to be the design of the Pixel 3, so take this leak with a pinch of salt for now, but given the history of the Pixel 2 and the very fact Google has used these images for illustration purposes, it could be wise to start getting very excited indeed. The Pixel 2 and 2 XL were unveiled in October, so we only have a few months to wait to see what Google has planned for its next flagship.

Writing by Max Langridge.