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Google stepped away from the Nexus family in 2016 and launched the Pixel smartphones, adopting the line of the previous Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C and presenting a Google-designed premium product.

The Pixel 2 XL is the second-gen, looking to replace one of our favourite 2016 phones. It's an ambitious device, switching to an 18:9 display and looking to refine the bodywork of the previous device.

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Pocket-lintGoogle Pixel 2 XL black image 2

A lot more attractive some months after its initial launch

Waterproofing, Solid build, Good battery performance, Great camera performance in most conditions, Display's saturated mode gives the look we wanted

Design doesn't make best use of space, No 3.5mm headphone socket, Camera white balance inconsistencies, No microSD card slot

After a rocky start, Google's tweaks and changes have given the Pixel 2 XL the appeal that it needed. It's not the best design to encase this new display format, but at its heart this is a powerful pure Android handset with a class-leading camera