Google has begun rolling out new AR sticker packs to all Pixel devices running Android 8.1 Oreo. The sticker packs include characters from the upcoming Star Wars film Episode VI: The Last Jedi and Netflix's Stranger Things, as well as foodmoji, 3D text and celebration stickers such as champagne and balloons.

The AR stickers are in the form of virtual characters that can interact with each other, rather than being static ones that are just superimposed into your photos. So if for example you put all the kids from Stranger Things, they'll wave to each other or perform other various actions. With several to choose from for each pack, you're able to let your imagination run riot to create some unique photos and videos to send to friends.

The Star Wars stickers look to be the most detailed from the promotional videos and images Google has released, while the Stranger Things ones are more cartoon-like in their appearance. You can also find a coffee and a doughnut that come to life, a weightlifting broccoli and a boombox with legs. Google is clearly going for the fun-factor rather than total realism. 

Adding stickers to scenes is simple, just open the camera app, switch to the AR stickers mode, choose your pack and start placing characters into your shots. Google has said it will release more AR sticker packs over time.