OK, so the Pixel 2 XL might have a display problem.

First, there was an issue about its colour vibrancy, which, honestly, we think might be like the great blue/gold dress debate. Either you think the latest Pixels have dim, muddy displays that look gross in low light, or you think they have "natural" displays. However, now, it's hard to ignore that something might be awry with the phone.

You see, over the weekend, people began noticing screen burn-in. Android Central’s Alex Dobie posted one of the first examples, which has since gone viral, and now, several Pixel 2 XL reviewers have noticed that when you look at the screen with a grey background, you can see the phone’s navigation buttons burned at the bottom.

See an example below:

Now, this could be an image retention issue, which is only temporary, but still, it's not good. Android Central has a detailed summary of what the differences are and how to spot them. We also have this guide on OLED screens, and in it, we discuss how they tend to show signs of burn-in over time (as, in, months... not days).

In a statement to the media, Google said it is investigating these reports. Pocket-lint has yet to experience any problem with our test device, though we will update you (and our review) if things change.