Google's upcoming Pixel 2 flagship will apparently look very similar to the original model, but that doesn't mean it won't have new features.

Artem Russakovskii‏, founder of Android Police, posted new details about the Pixel 2 on Twitter. He said the information was leaked to him from “a new source who claims to have played with the Verizon Pixel 2". Nevertheless, he “cannot vouch for the authenticity of these, but they seem plausible.” Keep in mind Android Police has a decent track record itself, so Russakovskii‏'s tweet thread is worth noting.

First up, the Pixel 2's camera will come with fresh features, including a Portrait mode, which Russakovskii‏ said uses a software-induced bokeh blur, rather than a hardware one. Remember, the Pixel 2 likely won't have a dual-lens system. Another cool feature, which reminds us of the HTC U 11, lets you squeeze the phone's sides in order to trigger Google Assistant. This functionality works when the device is asleep, too.

Russakovskii‏ said the Pixel 2 launcher has a "crazy" redesign as well. The search bar is now below the dock, while the Google home page has a "whole new design". And finally, the phone will have dual speakers and flat glass on the front, as opposed to 2.5D glass, which had been rumoured. Unfortunately, there were no leaked photos included with the tweets to show off any of these changes.

Check out Pocket-lint's guide here on Google's 4 October event for more information about what the company will most likely unveil. We expect Google to not only announce the Pixel 2 but also a larger Pixel 2 XL phone, just like it did last year with the Pixel and Pixel XL.