Further information regarding the Google Pixel 2's squeezable sides have emerged thanks to 9to5Google. The tech site has carried out an APK breakdown of the latest beta version of the Google app and found some lines of code that refer to Active Edge.

This is the same setting that was revealed in some screenshots from the Pixel 2, which is expected to be made by HTC. The Active Edge feature will act in the same, or similar way, to the squeezable edges of HTC's flagship U11 smartphone.

In the lines of code unearthed by 9to5Google, it refers to Active Edge's own settings menu and says "Squeeze for your Assistant". While this is just a beta version of the app, and could be changed at any time before the launch of the Pixel 2, it all but confirms the squeezable feature will be coming to Google's next flagship.

The code also says the squeezing feature can be changed, so it doesn't have to launch Google Assistant. This was something that wasn't clear last time we stumbled across the feature, although it still isn't clear exactly what functions can be activated. Launching the camera would be a logical guess.

It also isn't clear if the squeezable feature will come to the larger Pixel 2 XL, as that device is expected to be made by LG.

The APK breakdown has also revealed a function called Routines, which appears to work in a similar way to IFTTT. Routines will let you create a recipe, where you say a command, such as "Good night", and the Pixel 2 will then control various smart home products such as turning off the lights, TV, and drawing your curtains.

Other features from the breakdown include being able to change the hotword to activate Assistant, so it doesn't have to be "OK Google", changing the voice of Assistant and adjusting the settings of the Google Bar.